In the Modern high-tech vehicle not only do you rely on your Battery to start in all types of weather conditions it is also responsible for powering a whole host of extra gizmos, from Satellite Navigation Systems, electric windows, in car entertainment systems, such as your iPod.

Modern batteries require very little attention, however an occasional bit of preventative maintenance is required. If the terminals become corroded, you’ll get a poor quality electrical contact, rendering your battery only partially effective. To prevent this, simply smear a light coating of petroleum jelly or grease on the terminals.

Why not call in to Camworx and we will be happy to provide a free inspection that includes:

  • A visual inspection to check for any movement or leakage.
  • Condition of the cells to confirm maximum effectiveness.
  • Charging system to ensure voltage output and the charging rate are operating properly.
  • Belts and pulleys for wear.